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How to make your fondant shiny as well as other fondant pieces……..

1 Nov

I get lots of questions on how to make a fondant piece such as a bow or other design that will be added to a cake or even a figurine, appear shiny… I wanted to share what I use to make my pieces shiny since there are so many who are interested in this info…….I have used the method of boiling water in a pot on the stove and hold my fondant piece, bow, flower and such over the steam for a few seconds to add a nice shine to my pieces and this does work great for sugar flowers and other small fondant pieces.

I have also used spray pam which I spray the pan on my fondant and I give it time to soak in a bit then wipe it evenly with a papertowel to get an even look on my cakes, and on my pieces too. Now there are other products on the market that work great at adding a shine to your fondant work with great results and I wanted to share this info with those of you who ask me all the time how to make their fondant cakes and creations shiny……Below are links and info on the lastest products that I am using to accomplish this.

I use is a product called confectioners glaze which comes in a bottle and can be applied with a paintbrush, and now they also have an edible glaze in a spray can by PME which is SOO nice to use and very simple to apply especially on my figurines, fondant covered cakes as well as any other pieces you may want a shine on!

Here are links for you to find these products that I am talking about……..

PME Edible Spray Glaze
This spray is great since I can just spray and even layer on a fondant covered cake that I want to be shiny, I use it on my figures and other fondant work that I need to be shiny.

Confectioners Glaze which is edible it comes in a bottle and is applied with a paintbrush…..This product is very sticky so it is a great idea to also purchase the thinner that they have available too…..the confectioners glaze leaves a beautiful shine on your fondant pieces as well as sugar flowers and many other things!   
Here is another link for Global sugar art which also sells the confectioners glaze and thinner

Making a Graduation Cap

21 Mar

I am posting this info for Sam, she is a 17 yr old who is very interested in Cake Decorating and she is going to create a Graduation Cap for her gradation this May, so I am posting a few pics to guide her in doing this, as well as anyone else who is interested!

I took a Styrofoam ball and cut it in half then covered it  in fondant as well as both side of the cardboard….if you would like for the cap to be edible, you can use rice krispy treats formed into a half ball shape instead of using Styrofoam.

Here is the Graduation Cap all assembled….to glue the pieces together, just use a paint brush with water……

This is the play doh fun factory which is an easy way to create the tassel for the graduation cap…...

Purchase my new Fuzzy the Bear Tutorial

22 Dec


You can now purchase my new tutorial which will take you through the steps to create Fuzzy the Bear. This tutorial has color photos detailing each step, as well as some great info on fondant, gumpaste and so on. the price is $12.99 until Jan 1st 2012 and then it will go back to $14.99. For more info go to

Join me…In Cols. OH for a Figurine Class

14 Sep

For those who may be interested, I will be teaching a Figurine Class  at the Columbus, Ohio ICES,  Day of Sharing on Saturday Sept. 24th

Here is a photo of what I will be teaching…… this adorable little girl eating cookies, called ” The Cookie Jar”.

 For additional info regarding class time, cost and to sign up for the class here is the link…….

I do hope that some of you who have been asking for me to do a class will be able to attend……….I look forward to finally meeting  you in person. We will have a great time, and I will get to show in person how to do some of the more important aspects of creating figurines in person which makes it soo much easier when you see it done in person. Soo excited, cannot wait!!!

“The Cookie Jar”


In addition, I will be doing a demo on Sunday for all of those who plan to attend the Day of Sharing. My demo will show how I created my “Bruty Buckeye Guy”.  Here is a photo of him….many have asked for yrs how to create him, so I will finally get the opportunity to show just how its done!

“Bruty Buckeye Guy”


For those of you who are newer to cake decorating you may be wondering what ICES means, well it is the International Cake Exploration Society and let me tell you if you have the opportunity to sign up with your local Ices chapter, it is a great way to join a group of cake decorators that you can share with and learn from. I have not met a better group of people who are soo willing to share their tips, techniques and answer those cake questions we have all had. For additional info for the Ices chapter in your area check out this link…..

Shoebox Cake and Zebra Print High Heel Sugar Shoe

6 May


I recently made a Shoe Box Cake along with a Gum Paste High Heel with a Zebra Print decoration…..this was a fun cake to create and the first time that I created a zebra print shoe. I made this cake for a very good friend of mine who has been going through some tough times in life and I was so excited to make a cake that was all about her. She is one of those people that loves shoes!!!  I created a label for the shoe box from my edible printer and attached to the end of the cake. To add a little pizzazz to the box shape I decided to add edible sugar diamonds across the front side of the cake and I think that it turned out pretty cute. There were some areas on the cake that I was not too happy with but overall I guess it isn’t too bad. To create the zebra print….I rolled out black Satin Ice Fondant and took an exacto knife to cut squiggly lines and placed those shapes into place on the shoe which you can see in the pics that I have attached.

I purchased the edible sugar diamonds at for those who are interested……

Shoebox Cake With Sugar ShoeGumpaste Zebra Print High Heel


Learn to create Gumpaste Arms, Hands and Fingers

14 Sep

In this how to video I take you through the steps to showing how simple it is to create realistic looking gumpaste Arms, Hands and Fingers for your Gumpaste/Fondant Figurines…….

Video will be posted very soon!!

Clay Baby Carriage Cake Topper

8 Aug

Clay Baby CarriageI was asked to do a baby shower cake recently and then create a baby carriage cake topper. Instead of using gumpaste as I normally do she wanted me to create a cake topper that could be kept forever as a memory of her first grand child.

I have made some small things out of clay in the past but never a full-blown cake topper so this was a new world to venture into for me. I must say I really loved working with the clay it was soo much different from using gumpaste but before I knew it I was well on my way to creating what looked like a baby buggy. The nice part was that I was able to create the base of the carriage and bake it so that it would hold the top part without any problems. Had that been created with gumpaste it would have been a bit of a nightmare.

I created a blanket and pillow to go inside of the baby carriage and she also wanted a pink elephant as well. It took several days to create the baby carriage and I must say that it turned out better than I thought it would.


Information regarding my Gumpaste Figurines

26 Feb



Bride and Groom Cake Topper


I receive literally hundreds of emails each week asking for prices on my figurines, since I am unable to answer each and every email due to the time it takes……I just wanted to let everyone know that at this time I am unable to sell my figurines outside of the state of Ohio due to the time that it requires to hand sculpt each one. I soooo appreciate each and every one of your kind comments on my work, as most of you know I LOVE what I do and have soo many ideas swimming around in my head just waiting to come to life in the form of an Edible Sugar Creation.

I have created and shipped many of my hand sculpted figurines across the United States in the past but with my schedule of keeping up with the Tapings of  my How-To Videos, doing my Figurine Workshops all over the U.S., and being in the middle of writing my first Book detailing how to create my Gumpaste Figurines. So with all of this along with being and wife and a mom there is just no extra time at this time….but once I get this book finished and things ease of a bit I hope to be able to create a sell my hand sculpted figurines again.

I have heard from soo many of you who are new to working with gumpaste and creating figurines asking for my advice to getting your figurines to look just right, the key is to sit and practice, practice, practice……it took me quite a while to get my creations to the point of looking some what normal, for quite some time mine literally looked like aliens. In the Book I am working on I am addressing alot of the questions that I receive here on my blog and emails. The book is being created with beginners in mind as well as someone who has been creating gumpaste figurines for some time. This book will be about creating people in gumpaste. I will be showing adults as well as kids since that is the most requested info I am asked about as far as creating gumpaste figurines. I will keep all of you updated as to the progress of the book, and in the meantime will be creating some great cakes and figurines along with some more free how to videos for all of my sugar friends out there!!

I hope that you are all getting through the cold…..just think spring really is not that far off and believe me I CANNOT wait!

Fondant Frog and Piggy Character Booties

18 Jan

I was just playing with some fondant one evening and came up with what I am calling Character Booties. I think they turned out soo cute, I just made the bootie part and attached the animal heads and legs on to finish the look, I am going to use them as cupcake toppers for a baby shower.

Gumpaste Gingerbread Man Figurine

2 Dec

Baking Gumpaste Gingerbread Man Figurine

With Christmas just around the corner I have been creating some Holiday Gumpaste Figurines and this baking gingerbread man is one of my first ones this season….I created a grey cookie sheet and used a pastry tip to cut out the round gumpaste cookies and a miniature flower blossom to create little gingerbread cookies….to create the icing for the gumpaste cookies I took gumpaste and tore it in small pieces then added water to it to create a look of royal icing for my gumpaste cookies. The sprinkles were the real sprinkles that you would use on real cookies, I had the best time with the gumpaste cookies I have always loves creating miniatures since I started working with fondant and gumpaste so they were alot of fun!!!


I have a dvd coming out very soon that will take you through the steps to create a Gumpaste Santa, the Gingerbread Man below and an Elf that is nothing but adorable…When the dvd is available the information will be posted here on my blog.



Gumpaste Standing Figurine

12 Nov

Hello to everyone!!!

Hope that you are all doing well….Its finally here the holiday season that is, believe it or not I was in the car the other day and the radio came on when I started the car and much to my surprise I heard Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, WHHHATT  I said Christmas music already!!! I just love Christmas Music and before I knew it I was singing away Rocking around the Christmas tree, have a happy Holiday and so on I will spare you my version of internet singing, haha!!

Although I am not ready for Christmas I am so excited about all the Holiday Christmas projects that we get to do this time of the yr..I have already begun a few projects and will be posting them for you all to see like I always do.

In the meantime I created a Gumpaste standing Figurine that I thought I would share with you I hope that you enjoy seeing it, I must say it is alot of work creating figurines that are standing!!


Gumpaste Sock Monkey

27 Oct

Growing up I had a sock monkey which I loved!! However over the yrs I have tried to remember what happened to that thing and cannot for the life of me figure out what happened to it! I recently decided I would try my hand at creating one out of gumpaste and below is a picture of what I ended up with……


Making a baby blanket from a Patchwork Cutter how to video

9 Oct

Here is a new how to video that I posted to youtube showing how to create a baby blanket from a patchwork cutter, I hope that you enjoy learning how to create this project!!!






Join Donna for a Christmas Themed Figurine Workshop in Columbus Ohio

26 Sep

There is nothing like creating a Gumpaste Figurine Cake Topper that tells a story and now you get the opportunity to join me for a workshop where we will be creating a Christmas themed Sugar Figurine that Tells a Story of the most exciting time of the year! Photos of the piece that we will be creating together will be posted very soon…I will give you a hint, a little girl, a friend amd more!

I will be doing the 2 day Workshop on November 14-15 2009 from 10:00 am to 4 pm  in the Columbus Ohio area for those who are interested in joining me for 2 days of sugar sculpting, food and fun!


Here are the details for the 2 day workshop with me!

Where: Columbus Ohio

When: Nov. 14-15 2009

Price: $245

Deposit: $50 due immediately

Lunch will be provided for you!

I will be providing Gumpaste for all attendees

A supply list will be emailed to you.

For questions email me at

 Click the Buy Now Button to pay your deposit via paypal for the the Columbus Ohio Workshop…you will then need to pay the remaining balance by Nov.1st 2009

As you can imagine there are only a very few seats left at this time so be sure to get signed up immediately!!!!

                                        Buy Now Click here to sign up for the workshop with Donna

Blue and White Cross Baptism Cake

27 Aug

I recently created a Baptism Cake that was in the shape of a cross for a little boy who was the sweetest little thing! It was a strawberry creme cake covered in buttercream icing done in a blue and white theme. I also created little gumpaste shoes to finish off the look! The border on the top of the cross is one that I have been working on for some time I get tired of the same ole thing when doing cakes so I was playing with some icing lately and was trying to come up with something that was more appealing than the plain border outling the top of a cake. The border is done in 3 layers and gives a very nice look once complete.


Cross Cake



Mini Dress Cake on a Gumpaste Hanger

21 Aug

I created this mini dress cake recently and what alot of fun it was. You can do so many great designs on the dress which is the greatest thing that I love about cake decorating. If you want to do a simple look you can just cover the dress area with buttercream, then if you want to get really fancy you can do that by covering in fondant and adding flowers, pearls and the many other things that are available.


Miniature Dress Cake

Bumble Bee Love–Gumpaste Bumble Bees Cake Topper

6 Aug

 I just love creating gumpaste bumble bees, one day while trying to come up with a cute cake topper for a summer cake I decided to create Bumble Bees but made them in a larger size and I must say that I am very happy with the results.

You can learn to create these adorable gumpaste bumble bees

Available for purchase on DVD…


bumble bee love

                                                                                           Bumble Bee Love




Gumpaste Baby

17 Jul

Here is a Gumpaste Baby that I recently created.

pink baby

How to make a Sculpted Dog House Cake with a Gum Paste Puppy…..

23 Jun

I recently created a Dog House Cake instead of the typical Dog in a dog house, I decided that it would make a great fathers day theme.

We have all heard the saying about Dad being in the Dog House! So I thought, wow…this would make a great cake theme and something that you don’t see everyday. This cake has quickly become very popular and is soo much fun to create.

 I thought I would share the how-to details for this cake!


Look at Dad’s face, he is not happy being in the Dog house, nor is the Dog he wants his house back! LOL


Supplies to create this cake!

Baked 11 x 15 cake


Fondant in white, blue, green

Gumpaste, white, black, tan, orange, flesh


Cookie Cutter

Tape measure

Brown food coloring



Ball tool

Veining tool


1). To get started you will need an 11 x 15 sheetcake cut into 4 squares then stacked and filled with buttercream. Then place the cake into the fridge for about 20 minutes to setup.

2). I sculpted the roof area of the cake by cutting small sections going down the sides of the first 2 layers of cake only, then I squared up the sides making them nice and straight.

3). Cover the entire cake with a thin coat of buttercream icing, make sure you smooth the butterceam out so it does not show through the fondant when its put on the cake

4).To  cover the entire cake in fondant….

5). Measure each side of the cake then cut out a piece of white fondant for each side of the house and the roof area as well.

               a). Before attaching the fondant to the cake, I used a knife to make lines going up and down on all of the wall pieces so that it would look like wood slats.

               b). Once you have done this then you can attach fondant to each side of the dog house cake.


6). The roof is the last area to cover in fondant and you will need to measure both sides of the roof so you will know the size of the fondant you will need…. you can use any color you would like for your roof. I also made lines in the fondant pieces for the roof before attching them to the cake.


7). Once all the fondant is on the cake use a knife to cut out a door area on the front of the dog house and put a piece of black fondant in the area, you can see eactly what I did by looking at the pics above.


8). You will need a brown food coloring (I used Wiltons dark  brown color), and a paintbrush. Put some food coloring in a small bowl with and then add water do this until you get the color you want to use to paint the dog house. Paint all the walls making sure to get the coloring into the cracks of the lines that you made with your knife it will help to make the walls look more like wood.


9). I used a house shaped cookie cutter to cut out a piece of gumpaste for my sign that said Happy Fathers Day, Dad your entitled to come out of the dog house for one night because of fathers day!

             a). I inserted a toothpick into the gumpaste house so it would stand up.

             b). Make a small ball of gumpaste to use as a stand to put your sign in but, let it harden up for several hours before putting the sign into it!


10). Create the grass by using green fondant rolled into long snake shapes and take a knife to make lots of small cuts in the fondant then place it up against the house.


11). Create a teardrop shape of fleash colored gumpaste to make the body for the dad figurine, then place it in the doorway area of the house.

         a). Roll a ball shape to create the head, you can attach the head to the body with water once you get the face all completed.

         b). For the arms roll of a long flesh coloered snake shape and cut in half, shape the ends smooth and use a knife to make the fingers,

        c). Make 2 holes with a ball tool or end of a paintbrush to create the eye sockets then place small ball of fondant in each socket.

        d). Roll a small ball of flash gumpaste to create the nose and attach, and do the same for the ears.

        e) To create the mouth I use the end of veining tool, or you can use the end of a icing tip to imprint a mouth.

        f). Roll out a small amount of black fondant and use water to attach to the head and use a knife to imprint lines to create the hair.g

       g). Use a black edible marker to fill in small circle shapes on the eyeballs, then make eyebrows just above the eyes.


12). To create the body for the puppy begin with a teardrop shape of gumpaste and do the same to create the head, just much smaller…then glue them together with water.

     a). Roll a small sausage shape to make the tail and attach to the dogs body.

     b). The eyes are done the same way as we did on the dad figurine above.

    c). For the ears on the puppy start with a flat circle of gumpaste and thin the edges with 2 fingers until you get the shape you are looking for.

    d). Roll a small ball of black gumpaste for the nose on the puppy

    e). To create the mouth on the puppy I used the veining tool  just like I did on the dad  

13). I used the same color gumpaste that I did the roof  in to create a large dog bone, start with a rectangle shape and use the end of a paintbrush to push inward at each end of the rectangle which will help to begin to shape your bone. Once the bone is all done I used small letter rubber stamps to imprint the words “Dads House” on the bone, then I used watet to attach the bone to the front of the dog house.

Thats it for the directions to complete this cake! I hope that you get a chance to create this cake…it can be modified to go with many other themes instead of Fathers Day.

Have Fun!!!





Fondant Teddy Bear Baby Shower Cake

16 Jun

Created this cake for Baby Shower, the Teddy Bear was sculpted from fondant and the cake covered in my homemade Buttercream icing made to look like a baby blanket pattern by using a rag roller on the icing.




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