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Diaper Bag Cake

14 May

Diaper Bag Cake with handmade fondant bottle, baby keys, blocks, pacifier, and baby sandals.

It\'s a cake

This cake was designed for my brother and his wife’s baby shower. To create the diaper bag itself I baked 2 cakes in an 11 x 15 cake pan which is equal to a half sheet cake, (would serve approx. 40 servings) then cut those cakes into 3 sections, iced in buttercream and stacked them to the height that I had chosen for the diaper bag. Once stacked I covered the cake in Buttercream Icing. The next step was to cover with fondant, prior to putting the fondant on the cake I used a rolling-pin with designs to imprint that design on the fondant. Then I cut a baby t-shirt out of fondant, a baby blanket and a hat out of fondant as well, then these things were laid on the top of the bag to give the appearance of them hanging out of the top of the diaper bag. I cut a long strip of fondant to create the handle for the bag and then draped it. Several days prior to making the cake I made the baby sandals out of gumpaste so they would harden up in time for the baby shower. The bottle was made taking alum. foil formed in the shape of a baby bottle then covering with fondant. The pacifier was hand-made using fondant as well as the baby keys which I just used different cookie cutters to cut shapes out to form keys. I cut out white fondant shapes to create small wash clothes and put them in the side pocket of the diaper bag. The baby figurine to the left of the diaper bag was made a week in advance using gumpaste to sculpt a baby girl holding a blanket.


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