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Miniature Flower Pot Cake covered in Gumpaste Flowers

24 Mar

Donna's Miniature Flower Pot CakeHere is a recent cake I made, a minature flower pot with gumpaste flowers.

I used a 3 in round cutter to cut 2 circles of cake out of a sheetcake and then stacked the 2 circles. I then sculpted the bottom circle so that it would curve inward like a real flower pot. Next I crumb coated the entire cake and put in the refrigerator to setup for approx 20-30 minutes. While waiting for the cake to setup I began cutting my gumpaste flowers out with a flower cutter and veiner set I purchased from global sugar art. I also cut out 6 leaves as well and then let them all setup in spoons to dry. I use a regular teaspoon so that my flowers will have a certain form once dried.

Once the cake had setup I rolled out my fondant which I had colored with orange and brown food colorings to get the correct shade of color for the flower pot. Covering the flower pot with fondant can be a little tricky because it is soo small, but if you work at it then it should be just fine. I then cut a strip of fondant to go around the top edge of the flower pot for the rim.

Next I covered the top of the flower pot with buttercream so that it would be easier to attach the flowers, then begin adding the flowers all over the top of the flower pot.

Once all finished I decided to create the perfect presentation for my flower pot cake by placing it in a treat bag and tying the top with  curling ribbon into a bow.

A miniature Flower Pot Cake would make a great personal gift for that special someone!!



mini flower pot cake

How To Make Gumpaste Roses on my You-tube

18 Jun

For all of you out there in the world of cakes I have finally posted my videos showing how I create my Gumpaste Roses. Now I do them several different ways however the video I just uploaded will be easy enough that anyone could make them and all you need is a simple circle cutter, some wire and of course some gumpaste. Some of you may not know that you can make gumpaste with fondant and another ingredient called tylose powder. You just add the tylose powder to the fondant and presto you have gumpaste.  But If that is too much to deal with an even easier way is to buy some of the wilton fondant, now don’t get crazy and try to eat that stuff it really is not fit for humans in my opinion, it taste horrible which is the main reason fondant has gotten such a bad rap… Other than the wilton fondant, all the others that can be bought are very tasty. Anyway the wilton fondant is much like gumpaste and you can use it to make some awesome roses for any cake and it comes in some real cool colors. To get to my you-tube page so you can see how to make gumpaste roses click here—-> http://www.youtube.com/user/donnalane626

In the next day or so I will posting a video on you-tube that will show you how to create a gumpaste calla lilly without any cutters so be sure to check back soon for that. In the meantime Happy Creating!!!

Sugar Flowers in a Cake Purse

14 May











This is actually a cake that was made to look like a Purse with lots of gumpaste (sugar) flowers bursting from the top of the purse.  To create this cake I baked 3 cakes in loaf pans and leveled them flat so that they would stack then covered the emtire cake with Buttercream. The next step was to cover the cake with vanilla fondant. I cut out blue fondant flower shapes to decorate the outer sides of the purse. to create the purse handles I actually use a play doh factory, kids toy to make the rope shapes with fondant, but it is important to allow the ropes to set up a bit before attaching to the cake.

The gumpaste (Sugar) flowers were all hand made. I especially love creating the roses and calla lillies, however all flowers are beautiful to me. Which is why I designed this cake showcasing the beauty of sugar flowers bursting up and out of a purse but not a real purse but a Cake Purse.

Their are many things that can be done with cakes with just a little creativity and a few tools. I love the look on a persons face when they receive a cake that is not the usual grocery store cake that has been frozen for days before we purchase them, but sold to us as a fresh cake.  Whenever people recieve a custom designed cake it makes them feel so special which I think we all deserve to feel special more often then not. Custom cakes should tell a story about the person they were created for. A great example would be this Tiffany Box Cake that I created for my cousin Rhonda who loves EVERYTHING from Tiffany’s and it’s her favorite store. This cake clearly tells a story about Rhonda and the things in life that she loves.


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