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Baby Shower Cake Girls Baby Dress

14 Jul


Baby Shower Girls Dress Cake

My sisters baby shower was this past weekend and I did the cake, she has 3 boys and has been wanting a girl so bad, and she finally has one on the way, yeahhh. I was so excited to do a pink themed baby shower cake for her. I decided to do a pink dress on the cake with some little sandals that I hand made with gumpaste. I started with an 11 X 15 sheet cake iced in buttercream and them covered with white fondant. To make the dress with fondant I made a template out of paper first and laid it out on the cake. I then used the template to cut out the different pieces I would need to construct the dress. This was a very simple cake to make, and I can think of many other designs that could be done the same way maybe with a onesie, a t- shirt and pants or shorts, myabe even a ruffled up baby blanket laying across the cake. Thats what I love about fondant you can do soooo many things with it that just are not possible with buttercream.

Oh and the baby sandals were just soo cute, I used a little punch kit I got from Wilton that has a butterfly, a flower and a few other little designs with it. I punched out 4 little butterflies and folded then in half then placed them on the sandals to create the look of the butterfly flying I used an edible maker to make small dashes gong from the butterflies. The great thing about making shoes and other things from gumpaste is that you can save them as long as they do not get wet.

Gumpaste Baby Sandals

I made a video on how to make these baby sandals and I will be posting it as soon as the editing is done so be sure to watch for it.

3D Baby Book Cake

17 May

This is a cake that I created for a baby Shower, I always love to do cakes that are not seen everyday. I will give the directions so that if anyone else would like to create this cake you will know how I did it, then you can add your own little touches.

Items needed to create your own Sculpted Baby Book Cake

A baked cake in any size that you choose

White Fondant and any other color of your choice

Pizza Cutter or a Knife

Cookie Cutters Letters or whatever kind you may already have on hand

Fondant Smoother

2 spatulas

corn starch or powder sugar to dust your work surface when rolling out the fondant

As for the cake itself I used an11 x 15 sheetcake cut in half then stacked to get the desired thickness I needed. However if you don’t have that size pan available you could always use a regular baking pan that you may have already, most people have a 9 x 11 baking pan that they bake cakes in. That size could be used, then cut in half and stack those pieces together to give you a nice thickness for a book shape, you may want to trim the sides to come up with a shape that works for you. it may help to look at the shape of a medium sized book you have and recreate the size and shape of that.

The next step is to cover the cake in an icing of your choice, then you need to cover with white fondant.

Use the pizza cutter or knife to imprint lines very close together on 3 sides of the cake to give you the look of pages in a book, don’t push too hard though or you will end up with holes in your fondant.

Next you will need to roll out enough fondant in a square shape to make the cover of the book. It’s really important to put down plenty of corn starch or powder sugar when rolling out the fondant because you wil need to wrap part of the fondant over the cake. Next I used 2 spatulas to pick up the cake and place it on top of the fondant square, place the cake about an inch from the right edge of the fondant. Then you will need to carefully pick up the left side of the fondant and lay it over top of the cake to complete the cover of the book, if you have too much fondant hanging over then you can always trim it to be equal to the bottom part of the cover.

Use a fondant smoother to smooth out the fondant on the top of your book cake, then use it to create a spine edge on the top edge of the cake, by looking at my cake picture you can see where exactly to do this. I then left the right corner of my fondant flipped up to add detail to the book.

I used cookie cutter letters to cut out the word baby for the spine of the book, you could use whatever cookie cutter shapes you may have on hand if you do not have letters, such as maybe a flower, a rattle, a star, a heart. It’s your cake so personalize to your liking it doesn’t have to be for a baby shower, you could do a book for a graduate, a gardening book, or someones favorite book. The ideas are limitless as to what kind of book you can create.

The baby I have on top was sculpted out of gumpaste, however if you are not able to do that then use a your cookie cutters to cut out a shape of something you like and place on the top. Another good idea is using the edible markers that are on the market and available at most stores, I bought a set at my local grocey store in the cake isle. You could write whatever you would like on the top of the book which would give you a differnt effect.

If you have any questions along the way should you decide to create a book cake just drop me an email and I will get back to you. If you do a book cake be sure to email me a picture I would love to see your creation, until next time happy creating!!

Diaper Bag Cake

14 May

Diaper Bag Cake with handmade fondant bottle, baby keys, blocks, pacifier, and baby sandals.

It\'s a cake

This cake was designed for my brother and his wife’s baby shower. To create the diaper bag itself I baked 2 cakes in an 11 x 15 cake pan which is equal to a half sheet cake, (would serve approx. 40 servings) then cut those cakes into 3 sections, iced in buttercream and stacked them to the height that I had chosen for the diaper bag. Once stacked I covered the cake in Buttercream Icing. The next step was to cover with fondant, prior to putting the fondant on the cake I used a rolling-pin with designs to imprint that design on the fondant. Then I cut a baby t-shirt out of fondant, a baby blanket and a hat out of fondant as well, then these things were laid on the top of the bag to give the appearance of them hanging out of the top of the diaper bag. I cut a long strip of fondant to create the handle for the bag and then draped it. Several days prior to making the cake I made the baby sandals out of gumpaste so they would harden up in time for the baby shower. The bottle was made taking alum. foil formed in the shape of a baby bottle then covering with fondant. The pacifier was hand-made using fondant as well as the baby keys which I just used different cookie cutters to cut shapes out to form keys. I cut out white fondant shapes to create small wash clothes and put them in the side pocket of the diaper bag. The baby figurine to the left of the diaper bag was made a week in advance using gumpaste to sculpt a baby girl holding a blanket.


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